Al Hamdulillah !

IREF - Islamic Research & Educational Foundation is established as a registered society by the Government of India, since Feb/1998 C.E., in Hyderabad. The IREF is a Full Time Islamic advocacy and educational foundation augmenting global peace through spirituality and God piety taught by Islam.

Br. Imran, as he is popularly known for Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui, is the Founder and President of the IREF and is the impetus for all activities undertaken by the IREF. By Allah’s Grace and Mercy today he holds an international experience of delivering talks on Islam and comparative religion, engaging in Inter Religious public debates, holding Television interviews, interacting with media persons and answering typically critical questions on Islam asked by academician and cynic Non Muslims. Hitherto, he travelled to countries like the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. In 2004, he was invited by the U.S. State Department to the U.S.A.

Br. Imran is appreciated nationally and internationally for the topics of his talks that are relevant to current times mostly. Maa Shaa Allah ! He is praised by common man and law agencies to explicate Jihad & Terrorism and for voluntarily counselling radical youth, through Hyderabad city police, especially the Muslim youth, arrested by police for terrorist activities or detained as potential terrorists liked to ISIS etc. In India and abroad and in English and Urdu, he has openly condemned terrorism in the name of religion and especially in the name of Islam through his talks on Jihad & Terrorism. Videos on these topics are uploaded on youtube.com/irefvideos.

‘Islamophobia’ is a new trend of perpetuated hate crimes against Muslims globally, more often, fuelled by ‘fake news’ and false allegations against Islamic Teachings and also against innocent Muslims. In our recent past, world witnessed some ‘Great Imperialistic Powers’ align to lead a Global war against ‘Terrorism’ directed mainly against a ‘Muslim Country’ based on ‘Wrong Intelligence’. This is one of the examples of such tragic incidents that resulted in ‘More Terrorism’ instead of ‘No Terrorism’.  These wars by the imperialists, war mongers and arms’ traders has opened a Pandora Box of Terrorism throwing out of the box, ghosts like the ISIS and its like.

To contain impulses in such a world scenario, especially of the victimized Muslims and also of Non Muslims alike, the IREF, through its Islamic and educational activities, plays a vital role in the global society, by striving selflessly, as a non Governmental cohere, engaged to educate global masses to remain peaceful human beings and not let one’s emotions carry away one, to take the law in their hand.

IREF conducts ‘De-Radicalization’ interactive public talks regularly on local and international platforms to drub the loudmouth international media narcissists / poseurs and the critics and cynics of Islam and Muslims who keep swaggering against Muslim Religious Representatives that they never speak openly against terrorists and terrorism. IREF focuses mainly on public talks, Inter Religious public dialogues/public debates in India and abroad for a better and correct understanding of Islam through comparative religion, logic, reasoning and scientific approach on the criterion of Qur’an & Authentic Teachings of Muhammad[s].

IREF strives to induce mankind, otherwise adhering to mythological beliefs or atheism, about two placid fundamentals of Islam : Foremost - Laa  Ilaaha  IllAllah meaning There is No God Except Allah, an elucidation of every major/popular religion’s basic belief that the ‘God of Universe is only One’ and the Science’s Claim that an Energy regulates Universe. Islamic Concept of Belief in Allah totally rejects concepts of God Incarnate, Anthropomorphism & Pantheism. Moreover, Islam declares Muhammadur Rasoolullah meaning Muhammad[s] is the Messenger of Allah for mankind and not just Muslims alone.


The IREF has a corporate look with all possible modern day amenities fit to facilitate a comfortable zone for learning and teaching.

The IREF office can be primarily divided in the male and female section that caters the needs as per Islamic etiquettes to both the genders.

IREF has a Reading Room with focus on collection of books written by authors on contemporary subjects and explanations of Islam to all the modern day challenges that the Muslim community in general is facing in order to cope up with the pressures of a liberal world and the Islamic Values. Though one may find books on fundamentals of Islam that include the translations of Qur’an and translations of Ahaadees like the Sahih Buqhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmizi, Ibn e Maja etc. Also several books on Islam and modern science and on issues pertaining to the Women’s Rights in Islam are available at the IREF. Reading Room with books is available in both the male and female section of the IREF.

Air Conditioned Lecture Hall with an art of living kind interiors and technology used to enable the audience to listen to talks on JBL system and Sony 4K cameras used to relay the talks from lecture hall to other sections of the IREF are the main features of the IREF.

Ablution facility, washrooms (Western and Indian Style), 24 x 7 water facility, sufficient space for Prayers are well set in both the male and female sections of the IREF.

An educated, disciplined, interactive male staff for male section and female staff for female section with commitment towards best ethical co-ordination with guests according to Islamic values encourage the audience and visitors to visit the IREF again and again.

The IREF is located at a primary place in the city making it a unique Islamic Office in Hyderabad due to its location.

Any person traveling from the Hyderabad airport to connect to the main city of Hyderabad has to travel by the Fly-over called as PVNR Airport Flyover. As such, the moment a person gets down the flyover while traveling from the international airport of Hyderabad or otherwise, then on the right side the Only Islamic Office he can find is the IREF which is just about 100 steps away from the flyover.

Similarly if any person is traveling from Maa Sahab Tank flyover towards the international Hyderabad airport’s flyover, then about a 100 steps before the Airport flyover begins, on the left side beside, Quba Bakery and Dell Computer Store is the IREF office.


IREFIslamic Research & Educational Foundation
10 – 3 – 274 / C, Humayun-nagar, Hyderabad – 500028, Telangana, India
The address is locatable on Google maps