Al Hamdulillah !

Br. Imran as he is popularly known for Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui. He is the Founder and President of the IREF. He was born and brought up in Hyderabad city of India. He was a student of Political Science, Public Administration and History (B.A.), from Hyderabad’s prestigious Nizam College in India. Br. Imran went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for employment and was Assistant Stores Supervisor at ‘Toys R Us’, in Riyadh. During this time, he happened to visit Sheiqh Ahmed Deedat [late] at Riyadh’s Hospital where Sheiqh Deedat [late] was being treated for ‘lock in syndrome’. These visits motivated Br. Imran to return to India for good and take up Islamic Advocacy as his primary and full time profession of life. Br. Imran’s first wife, Sis. Nida, is a home maker and a mother of four children, of whom, two elder children are aspirants of the Civil Services while the other two are in school. Br. Imran’s second wife, Sis. Amtul Mateen, whom he married in July-2005, is a full time workforce with Br. Imran and she manages the Women Section of the IREF. Amtul Mateen is the mother of Br. Imran’s five children and all of them are in junior classes in the school. Maa Shaa Allah ! Both the wives of Br. Imran are exemplary, for many, who believe polygyny as a bane in our society today. This because, both of them get along like sisters and keep in touch, such, that none believe them to be actually two wives of Br. Imran.

        Sis. Amtul Mateen was a student of B.Sc., Genetics from Hyderabad’s prestigious girls college, St. Ann’s. She was motivated by Br. Imran’s talks and decided to devout her life for the purpose of educating women with correct understanding of Islam and for the same she married Br. Imran to support the cause without hindrances of any kind. She is Manager Administration, Women Section of the IREF.

Every SUNDAY Sessions of Br. Imran’s talks followed by Question & Answer Session are the main attraction of the weekly IREF activity in which Non Muslims and Muslims, men and women from all backgrounds participate. Since January 2014, Br. Imran is speaking on 99 NAMES OF ALLAH and every Sunday, he basically speaks on one of the Name / Attribute of Allah and elucidates its meaning and how one needs to benefit from that Name/Attribute of Allah in daily routine life. These sessions are in English and till end of March - 2017, Br. Imran had completed talks on 75 of the 99 Names/Attributes of Allah, of which, on youtube.com/irefvideos, you can watch the already uploaded 33 Sessions.

        Every SATURDAY Sessions of Sis. Amtul Mateen, are conducted for Non Muslim and Muslim Women Only. Her topics are mostly women oriented. Moreover, she leverages family counselling, to reconcile breaking families and conducts ‘Discourses on Qur’an’.

        TRAINING PROGRAMS at IREF, in the form of 21 days Dawa’h Training Program was held yearly once between 2002 to 2011 to train male and female participants, the expertise of public speaking in the like of Br. Imran and Sis. Amtul Mateen. Br. Imran, in these sessions, trained at-least 200 students, mostly men, of whom a few established Da’wah Centers in India and a few are working in Dubai Da’wah Centers while one is a Full Time Da’yee in Australia. Also during long holidays for colleges etc., at IREF, 3 to 7 days Da’wah work shops on fundamentals of Islam and other religions are held to provide participants, the expertise of answering allegations and clarifying misconceptions about Islam.

        PUBLIC TALKS LOCALLY   NATIONALLY & INTERNATIONALLY are delivered mainly by Br. Imran. On invitation from different Muslim and Non Muslim organizations within Hyderabad city or Telangana State or from any other State in India, Br. Imran and Sis. Amtul travel to deliver talks on different Islamic topics relevant to the time. In Shaa Allah, Sis. Amtul Mateen shall begin international travels soon.

        PROGRAMS FOR KIDSare organized annually once as KIDS’ CAMP. Children are trained in academics of Islam and General Knowledge to keep them competitive in contemporary education and good Muslims life long and also keep them bold enough to face the challenges like ‘Islam-o-phobia’.